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Here's What People Are Saying About 9DCS

"Thank you for showing us that we are our best selves when we realize there is a better way than trial and error to plot our course in life and achieve our ultimate success."

- Ken Blanchard, Co-Author of "The New One Minute Manager"

"I highly recommend this book to individuals and groups to use an an effective tool for self awareness and collaborative conversations."

- Faye Gilbert, PhD, Dean, College of Business - The University of Southern Mississippi

"The 9 Dimensions of Conscious Success book and Individual Assessment are great tools for Millennials - and anyone - in business today."

- Michael J. Menard, President, The Gensight Group Inc., and author of "A Fish In Your Ear"

"At this point in my life where I am trying to figure out which path I would like to take, this book and the workshop training has provided me with an even bigger desire to overcome life's obstacles and conquer success."

- Josh Spivey, Senior, Eagle Scholar, College of Business - The University of Southern Mississippi

9DCS Professional Services

9DCS Workshops

The 9DCS Workshops are specifically designed to guide individuals to create their own Conscious Success Action Plan by accelerating their understanding of the Conscious Success model in a highly interactive, dynamic action learning environment. 


9DCS Keynote & Speaking Events

Whether the audience is Millennials or those that manage them, corporate executives or high potentials - anyone who wants to achieve higher levels of conscious success that produce individual effectiveness and collective performance leave a 9DCS Keynote or Speaking Event inspired, motivated and equipped to achieve success. The best business value happens when individuals have a structure for success and the organization benefits from improved individual performance.


9DCS Coaching

9 DCS Coaching will provide any individual with a structured approach to raise their self awareness and improve the most critical dimensions for their success tied to success of the business.  9DCS Coaching fits nicely within the context of a corporate, HR, or Organizational Development strategy.


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