9DCS Multi-Rater Assessment

9DCS Multi-Rater Assessment

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A collective measure of conscious success strengths & barriers.

Features Include:

  • Group Feedback - Find out how others (Friends, Family, Colleagues + Self) view your 9 Dimensions of Conscious Success strengths and barriers. Quickly identify alignment and differences by dimension.
  • Quick and Easy Set Up – After purchase, you’ll receive instructions and a link to an online form to set up your Multi-rater Assessment and determine who you would like to receive confidential assessments.  Up to 10 participants will receive an email introduction and link to complete the assessment. The assessment typically takes only 20 minutes to complete.
  • Comprehensive Report – Within 48 hours of completion, you’ll receive a comparative report of your assessment, as well as a combined report of anonymous scores for each dimension from the other participants.
  • Strategy Suggestions – Each set of dimension scores provides targeted strategies that will improve your performance in that dimension.
  • Tool Kit - Each assessment includes exclusive tools and exercises for accelerating your understanding of the Conscious Success model and your pathway to success.

By understanding the model, and then comparing your own assessment results to the assessments from others, you can begin to build your specific Action Plan.