About Us

DNA Worldwide LLC is a management consulting firm based in Evergreen, Colorado that provides custom organization change management services, executive coaching and leadership development expertise for an international clientele  so that change can be implemented with confidence, build internal expertise and capacity, and achieve success at every level within the organization.  Utilizing their proprietary methodology, Change Management Essentials (CME), the DNA approach is straight-forward, practical, focused on bottom line results, and is guided by the idea that “simpler is better and less is more.”  This efficient approach makes change manageable and measurable – even within the largest organizations.

DNA serves an international customer base of Fortune 1000 companies that operate in a broad range of business categories.  Core change management services include:

  • Executive Education/Briefing
  • Organizational Assessment/Diagnostic Tools
  • Change Management Essentials workshops
  • Change Management Essentials Certification
  • Project Management Consultation
  • Executive/Leadership Coaching

For more information on our services, please visit DNAWorldwide.net, or please contact us at info@dnaworldwide.net, or call us at 800.303.8715